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Billy and I are constantly grateful for the opportunity to live in such a beautiful, unspoiled area of the world. With clear, fresh air to breathe, the sounds of bird song, the blue skies… we feel truly blessed.

So if you decide come to stay in one of our yurts, I have a wonderful walk to share with you. I have created this map of the trail and it is available exclusively to you delightful readers!

(Map available exclusively with the link provided below)

Choices, choices!

If you prefer mostly uphill walking, then walk the linear route from Point A (orange icon) to Point B (purple icon).

If you prefer mostly downhill walking then walk the linear route from Point B (purple icon) to Point A (orange icon).

If you prefer a circular hike, then use the linear route from Point A to Point B and add in the route with Point C (red icon)!

You will need to take drinking water. Make sure you are prepared with sun block and a sun hat on sunny days. Point B is located at a cafe, Stazione Curcuda, where you can take refreshments or grab a snack to eat.

The Map

You can scan the QR code below or click the image to be taken to the Google Map we have set up for this walk.

The linear route from A to B is 9.63km – The entire circular route is 19.64km.

Map of the walk

What to expect

Most of the route is gravel tracks, with some pathways and some quiet, country road walking. This trail is suitable for bikes or on foot.

As I wrote that I was reminded that I used to love cycling, it was my happy place for clearing my mind. Now I have the ladies, (our two labradors), I prefer to walk. It doesn’t really seem fair to expect them to keep up with a bike!

The slower pace of walking also allows me to take in the view and take some photos.

Don’t forget to tag us (#yurtsinsardinia) if you post any of your own photos from this trail on Social media!

When I am really lucky, like today, I get to sit and watch a family of birds of prey (Lesser spotted eagles I think) soaring, diving & gliding.

There are some steep hills along the way, so you will need to have a reasonable level of fitness. Having said that, you don’t have to be a marathon runner or extreme fitness guru to be able to do this hike; I am a 49 year old with back problems and not at my peak!

There are long sections where there is no shade. If you are taking this route in summer I would suggest an early morning start and make sure you have enough sun protection and drinking water.

No entry to walk here.
You shall not pass!

The trail is mostly on gravel tracks (white roads), so although you need comfortable footwear, you don’t really need heavy-duty hiking boots. There are no sections that are difficult under foot or rock/boulder climbing, etc.

Along the way you will see the “Vedetta Mamutera Jerzu“, a little structure right on top of the highest point. This structure is a fire spotting location for the Corpo Forestale. It will be constantly occupied during the dry periods of the summer months, so they can keep a look out for any forest fires across the whole region.

If you see any Corpo Forestale personnel up there, ask them if you can go up to have a look. They might just let you go up to the lookout, where you are bound to get an amazing 360 panorama…. But don’t attempt it without asking, because the road is blocked off to unauthorized folk like us.

You will be treated to lots of stunning views and photo opportunities along the way. I suggest looking backwards from time to time to see the views from a different perspective.

You will find lots of native shrubbery and trees including corbezzolo, cork oak, scrub oak, wild rosemary, lavender and fennel. You can find out more about the local flora and fauna from the forestry site here. And of course, look up and see if you can spot the birds of prey!

And finally…

Here is a selection of the photos I took along the way.

Come and stay in a Yurt!

Rest and relax in a quiet, peaceful place under the cork oaks.

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