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If you like your hikes short, but challenging and immensely beautiful, then this is a hike for you!

It is just over 2km, but takes in some hill climbing through a canyon so you will need to be able bodied and happy to climb a few steep rustic, rocky stepped hills.

We really took our time and also had a picnic along the way so it took us about 2 hours.

Ulassai is 11km from Yurts in Sardinia and is a great village to visit, with climbing, caves and waterfalls to visit.

Description of the hike

You start near the church of the village of Ulassai and begin climbing the hill behind the village. Take a look back and enjoy the view of the village and surrounding landscape! Near the top, there is a fork on a curve of the path, here you want to take the left pathway which will bring you to the opening of the canyon. You have to walk through a little cave in order to enter the canyon. Here in the canyon you will probably come across climbers of the human and goat variety!

Entering the canyon you see a signpost for Ulassai hanging at a 90 degree angle from the rocks
Strange signposts around these parts!
Looking back through the canyon on your hike
Look behind you!

The canyon is small but spectacular and as you climb up through the canyon be sure to look back in order to get one of the best views of the hike. You will be climbing up a rocky path here so people if you are not in your fittest form, take your time here.

You will continue through following the pathway until you exit the canyon and begin descending back down a woodland path. Here you will find a fork in the path with 3 options….go straight ahead and then take a pathway to the right as you enter the more open area of the woods.

Continue along the path and head to the left at the next fork continuing through the woods. You will then come to a path that leads down through a crevice…keep going down through the crevice…don’t be scared!

Hike through the crevice
Don't forget to look back

As you come out of the crevice head to the path that is slightly to the right and then heads down and across a more open area of heathland. You will then come to an area where the path curves back on itself and to the left of the path is a rustic rest area where we decided to sit and stop for our picnic. Just keep following that pathway through the woods and you will come to a roadway. Head to the right and you will come back into the town of Ulassai, follow Via San Croce back to your starting position at the church.

Even the Labs like a good hike!

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